Raw Elements Substitution in Electronic and optoelectronic Technologies

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Substitution of Critical Raw Elements:

synthesis, characterization and processing of new Advanced Materials


Cagliari (Italy) 9-10 April 2015

Hotel Regina Margherita

The theme of the Critical raw material is fundamental to Europe s economy, and their substitution is essential for maintaining and improving the quality of life and technologies. In this context the EU commision and the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) are giving much effort to push the alternatives to these elements (specific call in H2020, the creation of the EIP on raw materials, the creation of recognized commitments).

The meeting is organized in two days: the mornings are dedicated to the scientific presentations while the afternoons are dedicated to poster sessions and, mainly, to discussion and planning projects and synergies (also with dedicated room and space for smaller groups), with a look at the incoming EU calls.





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