1st WORKSHOP on:  Substitution of Critical Raw Elements: synthesis, characterization and processing of new Advanced Materials

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The workshop aims to cover the most important application areas in sectors related to the electronic and lighting industries for which CRM are a key component. 

Technological applications will be presented alongside measurements and theories with particular emphasis to the connection to industries.

The workshop intend to be the right place to discuss in order to:

Create a common state of the art document identifying new criticisms.

Elaborate a roadmap and time-line actions for substitution of CRM in electronic devices.

The main scientific areas include:

  • Optoelectronic Advanced Materials
    • Transparent conductive materials
    • Displays
    • Phosphors
    • Light devices
  • Advanced Materials for Building Applications
  • Advanced Materials for Industries
    • Catalysis
  • Advanced Materials for Medical applications
    • Biosensors
    • Drug delivery







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