1st WORKSHOP on:  Substitution of Critical Raw Elements: synthesis, characterization and processing of new Advanced Materials

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Invited Speakers (attached the presentation of each partecipant):

  1. Dr. Matteo Carnevale - Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea of Italy
  2. Dr. G. Gulleri - St Microelectronics
  3. Dr. M.L. Grilli  - ENEA
  4. D. Della Sala -  ENEA
  5. Dr. N. Laidani FBK
  6. Dr. Santiago Cuesta Lopez - ICCRAM – (International Research Center in CRMs for Advanced Industrial Technologies)
  7. Dr. Sönke Fündling - Techincal University of Braunschweig
  8. Prof. A. Rizzi - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  9. Prof. C. Detanvernier - University of Ghent
  10. Dr. M. Fasoli - University of Milan (Bicocca)
  11. Dr. Francesco Secci - University of Cagliari
  12. Claudio Melis - University of Cagliari








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