Raw Elements Substitution in Electronic and optoelectronic Technologies

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Substitution of critical raw materials: synthesis, characterization and processing of new advanced materials in optoelectronic and magnetic devices

 Presentation of the Symposium

Agenda and Contributions

Opening Remarks

Substitution of critical raw materials in lighting systems

  • ECOMONDO Rimini 6 November 2015

Substitution of Critical Raw Materials in Electronic and optolectronic devices

  • Burgos (Spain) 24 June 2015

“International Dias in Critical Raw Materials”


  • Brussels 14 January 2015

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  • Cagliari (Italy) 9-10 April 2015 -

1st WORKSHOP on:

 Substitution of Critical Raw Elements:  synthesis, characterization and processing of new Advanced Materials

Please refer to the following link to the conference for detailed informations.

  • Cagliari, June 6th 2014 - Kick Off meeting
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